Apocalypse soon

I went to a funeral the last week, It was sad, I was sad, a life was over. The world had ended for him.

There were many things that gave me pause for thought. Irish funerals are really good, second only, and sometimes even better than a wedding. A guilty thought but none-the-less the combination of family, friends, reflection, and booze makes for a charged and unforgettable experience.

The funeral service itself was dignified and emotional, and it was not lost on me how any human being, at any time in history has been fortunate to receive a funeral. How many millions of people just expired with no ceremony to mark their passing, people too caught up in appalling wars or famines to properly grieve their dead. He was 62 at the time of his death. Born in 1955, a baby boomer, he lived through the great expansion. This I suspect in not very much time at all will be looked at as a very good time arrive on planet earth. At the time of JFK’s assassination, there were just over 3 billion people on earth, the USA had a thriving middle class and affluence spread to Europe with lifestyles becoming the most comfortable ever experienced by humans on this planet.

We are I believe, in the final years of this great post-war epoch, if 1945 was the end of one world and the beginning of the next, then the 2020s will be the dawn of a new century which will bear little resemblance to the second half of the previous one.  They say centuries don’t end by calendars, just as the 19th century ended in 1914 with the great war, I believe the 20th century will end with a greater calamity. The signs are already there, the rise of nationalism in Europe and America is perhaps people becoming all too aware of resources after years of abundance. Make no mistake that inequality and the undermining of main-stream media is the primary reason that vast swathes of the British and American electorate pressed the nuclear buttons in recent elections.

Remember too that it is these countries more than any other, that defined the paradigm for the greatest standard of living on this planet for the past 70 years. It is easy to forget the abject poverty most of Earth’s inhabitants have spent, and are still spending their time in. We are however, the model, BLOC countries imagine their western lifestyles are almost here, but there is a large dose of the reality stick about to cancel that party. The simple truth is that as soon as the British started burning coal we were doomed. That was in 1750. As it stands, in the year 2017, we are on the cusp of changing the planet into something that humans will struggle to live on. To explain to people that 8 billion+ people will not be trucking away on a planet with no artic or coral reefs makes rational sense, but it is no more rational then telling a living being that they are going to die, that is sometime in the future and I’m alive now.

This is not a matter of if it’s a matter of when, and when will be defined by how this effects the citizens of the western hemisphere, our home. We congratulate ourselves on our techonology which brings us further and further away from reality. Climate change you say? we can solve that with technology the internet will save us. Yes the internet is amazing, but is it as important an invention as the electric light bulb? or the combustion engine? certainly not. It is at it’s core a tool of communication, placed upon an already developed system of inventions from electricity to fertilizers. At a time when our problems have never been more Global we have a platform to share and discuss them Globally. This, however, does not change the simple fact that this technology we can do with out, we cannot, however, do without energy, and food production both of which are warming the planet. In fact everything we do is warming the planet. All environmental movements that promote the virtues of windmills and solar panels should change their names to “Let’s keep this show on the road “. It’s simply not going to work, wishful thinking at best. At present scientists struggle to find ways to remove salt from water without using huge amounts of energy, so the idea promoted by some that we can geo-engineer the planet and take CO2 out of the air is ludicrous.

The question is if the planet is on the verge of an abrupt climate change, which many say it, and if this results in crop failure, dead oceans, and the collapse of civilization as we know it, then why do most people not know about this, for me it’s simple, explaining death to a living being is just beyond our cognition, and abrupt climate change is death.

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