How and when are you going to commit suicide?

When asked about all the horrors she experienced during the holocaust, an elderly Jewish survivor of a Nazi concentration camp simply said “hunger”.

Stripped of everything that elevated them above animals the Jews reverted to their base instincts, the strongest of which being self-preservation. The concentration camps of Poland, filled with defeated souls, tried desperately to live another day, and many doing most anything to be allowed to do so.

Survivors spoke of and an angel and demons phenomenon. When people put under such much stress either became angels, compassionate and caring, or demons those who lost all sense of morality in an effort to stay alive. I suspect you know people right now in these times of plenty who would fall into either camp. Some choose not to spend another day in such conditions and took matters into their own hands by simply walking over to the electrified fences and committing suicide. Such is the power of hope over reason, and our base instinct to stay alive, this was still a relatively rare occurrence.

People endured sleeping on wooden bunks in either freezing or boiling conditions, they risked death at every moment, they looked forward to being worked to death or to be gassed and yet they persisted. But all of these things were as nothing in comparison to hunger. Hunger, real hunger is something most people in the global west have never experienced, we take for granted a steady supply of food from breakfast to dinner, our only issue is what to eat not where to find it. One only has to skip breakfast and lunch to get a reminder of how the modern body reacts to hunger. Very soon, no conversation will take place again that doesn’t have the attainment of food at its center. You will experience a constant headache as your blood sugar drops, you will think only of food, as your body begins eating itself in a slow torture until you finally waste away and die. I for one would rather avoid that fate.

The internet has ensured that there is almost no news as important as the next news, and the noise is drowning out almost everything. People are largely oblivious to what is going on, millions of women watch the Kardashians, and I hate them for it. I hate the trivial vacuous nattering bimbos and their planet eating lifestyles. It is to anyone with a brain, however, just high empire. It has happened before, a culture so far removed from the realities of life that it loses all sense of decency. Food, this will be the leveler. Let’s see what happens when global food supply collapses. I hope the Kardashians starve to death or are kept alive as sex slaves to a mad max style overlord who has managed to make a go of it in post-collapse LA.

This will happen. Heres how. Watch the artic. The ice in the drink at the top of the world. We need the artic. There has never been a planet inhabited by humans without one. It regulates the weather of the entire globe. Global warming is most accurately felt at the poles, this is causing havoc with sea ice and ocean temperatures. We have lost over 70% of the sea ice since 1979, and at this rate, we can expect to have an ice free arctic in the summertime in the next 5 years. The president of Finland on a visit to the Whitehouse explained to Donal Trump the seriousness of this situation. Trump explained to him that he is in charge of looking after the interests of a small fabulously wealthy and corrupt clique in charge of the world’s most powerful military. And they have no interest in listening to anything that disrupts business as usual.

These same bastards have no doubt built bunkers under their vast mansions and will probably be around seen human extinction. The rest of us will see what happens when billions of humans are suddenly put under pressure for their food, water, and security. Those same people who wish Europe to welcome in all the poor refugees will be volunteering to man the machine gun turrets on Spanish barbed wire beaches. Watch 45 sub-Saharan men of fighting age jump out of a dingey and scatter and tell me how it makes you feel.

One one hand I would like to see how this plays out, and maybe I will be able to for a while until the power goes out, and then demons come out at night. The idea of trying to defend my loved ones against the biggest knackers on the block doesn’t appeal to me. I will monitor the situation closely but as of now, I’m thinking a large bottle of good whiskey and a deck of sleeping pills. Please write in with your preferred method of suicide when the collapse comes.

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